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Electrolysis is the only permanent solution for unwanted hair.

IMPORTANT:  We ONLY offer electrolysis for the following areas:  Facial and Neck, Underarm, Breast/Chest and Stomach area for coarse textured hair.  We do not offer services for fine textured hair at this time.  When booking your appointment online, please note the area you would like treatment for.  Please stop tweezing.  If you are shaving, please stop about 36 hours before your appointment. The hair needs to be the length of a grain of rice so that it can be removed once the hair follicle has been treated.

If this is your first appointment with this clinic please start with a 15 minute appointment.

Please be sure to read our clinic policies prior to booking an appointment.  Click here to read them. 


By purchasing my services, it is understood that you have read and agree to this clinics policies.

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